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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Using Healing Energy for Your Pet

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher who uses my abilities to help my animal companions as well as friends and family. We all have the ability to heal at an unconscious level whether we realize this or not.

I will teach you a simple way to help your pet heal using a technique from Dr. Monica Diedrich's book What Your Animals Tell Me. Dr. Diedrich is a minister with a doctorate in metaphysics. She has been a veterinary assistant and now is a pet communicator full time. She discovered her ability to communicate with animals when she was a child.

Do not use this to replace veterinary care but to enhance your dog or cat's natural ability to heal his or herself.

Turning on the Healing Energy
Sit quietly in front of your animal friend and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply three times visualizing that you are inhaling the pure healing light from the Universe though your nostrils. As you breathe, the energy accumulates in your lungs and then is transferred to your stomach. The Chinese call this spot tan t'ien, located about three inches below your naval and 2 1/2 inches inward. This is the center of your aura, the balancing area of your internal energy, your grounding point.

Continue with a slow rhythmic breathing and position your hands palms facing up fingers pointing outward. Continue breathing until you feel a tingling sensation in your fingertips or heat in the palm of your hands. Turn your palms facing down and lightly touch the affected area sending healing energy into your pet. There is no need for massage, or caress - just hands on. Feel this healing warmth radiate through your body into your pet's body. You are the channel for this energy. It is not coming from you but through you. This energy is always there - you are just harnessing it and transferring it to where it is most needed.

While you are doing this also visualize the light going through your pet's body restoring whatever part is ill to health. Visualize the light surrounding the organ that is in need of healing. You can also imagine a battalion of tiny spirits working with you to repair your pet's health - going over sutures to make the incision heal faster, pressing light filled sponges on the wound to heal better - use your imagination to see this all happening. Do whatever feels comfortable for you.

Maintain these images for at least 10 to 15 minutes or as long as you can. Once you can't visualize any longer, thank the spirits, the light and release them for the next time. Thank the Universe, God or whatever you believe in and add that you are doing this for the Highest Good of All.

I find that by doing this we give ourselves something to do rather than just sit around feeling helpless while our pet is ill. Often I see the pain subside or they will fall asleep and wake up more comfortable.

If you interested in learning more about healing energy check out Diedrich's book. If you want to know more about Reiki natural healing, I would suggest you read Essential Reiki by Diane Stein. I would be happy to teach and attune you to Reiki Level 1 - please contact me for more information.


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