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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Feline Wellness Magazine

Animal Wellness Magazine has come out with a cats only version called Feline Wellness. I really enjoyed reading it and found the articles well written as usual and very appropriate for me because I live with a group of rescued cats.

The magazine has 10- 12 feature articles ranging from flea control to explaining homeopathy, health issues and more. The regular columns consist of book reviews, health questions and answers and Cat Chat- trends and news about cats and ending with the Tail End - an amusing reader submitted article as the last one in the magazine.

I found the ads to be helpful - listing companies providing food, litter, toys and health products. I would highly recommend Feline Wellness magazine if you only have cats. The Animal Wellness focuses mostly on dogs now or on articles relating to both cats and dogs. A great pair of magazines and resources for healthy natural American made products for your pet.

Check Feline Wellness out online


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