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Monday, January 17, 2011

Dental Scares

We have been hearing of many cats and dogs, especially older pets, who have died during dental surgery from the anesthesia.  It is very worrisome and I have been looking for some products that can be used to prevent dental issues.

One product is called PetzLife - it is an oral care spray and gel to help remove plaque and tartar, control bacteria and freshen breath.  It is endorsed by veterinarian Dr. Michael Fox.  For more info on this product and testimonials visit PetzLife.

Another product came into being when  Lisa Guerin took her dog Mercy in for a dental cleaning and the dog passed away even though her vet said she was in excellent health.  Lisa became obsessed with finding an alternative to the risks of anesthesia for dental work.  Her product, Leba III, is made from the herbs mint and rose, stabilized  in 25% human food grade ethyl alcohol and distilled water. The herbs change the chemistry in the mouth, stimulating enzymes and causing tartar to soften and fall off.  To find out more visit LebaLab Inc.

We have not used these personally but they are worth looking into as an alternative to dental surgery!


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