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Monday, September 5, 2011

Drug Free Solution for Dog Anxiety!

Does your dog hide and shake during thunder storms, have anxiety when you leave home or get very upset when fireworks go off?

My vet has recently added Thundershirt to her inventory of products for sale.  She claims this is a great drug free solution for dogs who suffer from anxiety of any kind.

How does it work?  The keyword is pressure. Pressure is used to treat both human and pet symptoms:

  • TTouch dog trainers use pressure for a variety of anxieties
  • Veterinarians use pressure to calm cattle for vaccinations.
  • Pressure is used with autistic people to relieve anxiety.
  • Infants are swaddles as newborns to calm them and give them comfort.

The Thundershirt fits snug and in most cases calms the dog right away.  Over 80% of dog owners report significantly reduced anxiety symptoms when using Thundershirts.

They can be used for thunder, fireworks, separation anxiety, travel, barking, jumping and more.  The shirts are easy to put on, have no side effects and are affordable at $39.95 a shirt.

I researched and read many reviews online and most people found it to be helpful - some more than others but almost all found it did take the edge off a dog's anxiety and made them calmer than without the shirt.  The only drawback it seems is that it is a heavy fabric and can be warm for the pet so do not put on in a warm house or car - use with A/C or in cooler weather. Make sure the Thundershirt fits properly in order for it to work - they give direction on the website to measure your dog for the shirt.

For more information about Thundershirts or to order one, please visit  Thundershirts. here.  Now all we need is a easy simple solution for anxiety in cats!  Any ideas?

I am not paid for this review.


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