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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Product Review: Pill Pockets

Most dogs will take pills easily wrapped up in some meat, cheese or treat. Cats on the other hand need extra coaxing to take their medications. I tried this product and love it. Not all cats will eat them but most do.

This treat which is chicken or salmon flavored for cats, is soft pliable and molds around pills and capsules. It contains a hole in which to hide the pill.

I find it helps greatly to give your cat an empty Pill Pocket first to see if he will eat it. If the pill is tiny, I cut the Pill Pocket in half and wrap it around the pill. If the pill is large, I find it works better to cut the pill in half or quarters and halve the Pill Pockets - makes for smaller treats and less extra treat around the pill. If the treat is too big compared to the pill inside sometimes the cat will spit out the pill and just eat the Pill Pocket.

A 1.6 ounce bag for dogs or cats contains 45 pockets and costs about $7.99. Most vet clinics carry them as well as Petco, Petsmart and other pet stores. One product is online at


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