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Monday, May 18, 2009

Book Review: The Holistic Cat by Jennifer A. Coscia

This newly published book is a very personal account of life in the author's rescue group and how her background as a nutritionist has helped the cats that live with her.

Coscia is an internationally recognized nutritional consultant specializing in disease prevention. She has combined her background and her love of animals to form TARAA - The Animal Rescue and Adoption Agency, Inc. - a nonprofit, no kill organization for the betterment of animal welfare. Partnering with Petco, Coscia has rescued and placed hundreds of cats into loving homes.

In this book Corscia presents a complimentary approach to health care by combining conventional veterinary medicine and alternative methods to focus on disease prevention, using first hand knowledge and experience from her shelter cats.

She covers a variety of topics and illustrates each with personal experiences involving her cats with photos as well. Some topics included in her list are holistic nutrition, vaccinations, caring for feral colonies and using TNR, the dangers in the house and outdoors for cats, bringing in new pets and moving or traveling with cats. She also gives nutritional treatment suggestions for many feline illnesses - URI's, eye issues, kidney, heart and intestinal problems and allergies.

Her book is full of useful suggestions and honest opinions based on her experiences. I particularly like how she presents the vaccination dilemma, explaining very simply the way vaccines work and how they can adversely affect cats. Even if you are not a big holistic medicine follower, her her honestly written stories and anecdotes about life with her rescued cats are heartwarming and informative as well. She has dedicated her life to rescuing homeless cats and caring for them if they cannot be placed in other homes. I find her extremely admirable and enjoyed her book very much.


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