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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

World's Best Cat Litter

I did an earlier post on the dangers of chemicals in cat litter and suggested using natural substances instead. This brand is my all time favorite. I discovered it many years ago and have been using it since.

The reason being that once I began bringing in in new cats and kittens to the household, I saw that sometimes they ate the litter or got a lot on their paws and would clean it off. I worried about what was in it that they were ingesting. I researched all cat litters and was horrified to learn about the chemicals in them.

Sodium bentonite is the clumping agent in scoopable litters. It acts like expandable cement when digested when cats lick themselves. It causes problems that can lead to death. Silica, a form of quartz, is believed to be a carcinogen when inhaled. Silica is what causes the dust when litter is stirred.

Looking for something more natural, I found World's Best Cat Litter at a healthy pet store and began to carry it in my gift/book store.

WBCL is made from whole kernel corn with no harmful chemicals, perfumes or additives. Their scientists found out that highly absorbent proteins and fibers found naturally in corn bind cat urine and odor molecules in the litter.

Why do we love this litter?

Great odor control - no more smelly boxes.
Compact clumping - easy to scoop.
Silica dust free - no dangers or messy dust.
100% natural - safe for cats and kittens
Long lasting freshness - use less than other litters.
Flushable, biodegradable and septic safe - safe for our planet.
And most importantly, my cats love it.

Try a bag of this litter and you will see for yourself. Petsmart carries it as well as many health food stores, grocery stores and other pet stores. For more info go to


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