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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Flower Essences for Geriatric Pets

Is your pet elderly but not seriously ill? Maybe she just sleeps too much, and is not interested in things like she used to be? I combined a few flower essences to help my 18 year old cat Chica and 17 year old Yoko that you might find helpful.

Both were not being as active as usual - not surprising given their age but I did see more spark in their eyes after giving the remedy for a few days.

I combined Bach Flower Remedies Wild Rose (restores the life force and the will to live), Olive (restores strength and capacity for revitalization), and Clematis (restores alertness and focus). For Chica who also has chronic renal failure I added Crab Apple (remedies toxicity). I make up a dropper bottle using two drops of each remedy in water. Then I dose two drops several times a day.

I add this to their food, milk or water for 4-5 days several times a day, whenever they seem less perky or more inclined to sleep rather than participate in activities. It does seem to restore their zest in life. Try it!


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