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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Homeopathy for Feline Agression

A few of you have mentioned having problems with aggression in your cat or cats in the household. I have listed some suggestions in other posts but recently found this forum that really hits the nail on the head. The most important thing after choosing the right remedy is the dose - this is crucial for getting to the root of the problem.

I am having difficulties with Al our deaf cat being very aggressive to anyone he comes near - his most obvious symptom is dilated pupils right before he attacks. I gave him Belladonna 30c three days ago plus put flower remedies in the water for all and so far all has been calm! If he acts up again, I will go up to the 200c strength, dosing once and see what happens. I use 30c often as finding 200c is not easy - some stores will special order it for you but others usually don't carry it.

I have included the info in the forum below (in italics) for you all to have for reference. If you want to read it yourself click ABC Homeopathy. My comments are in regular script.

Teach yourself T-Touch (short for Tellington Touch) There are books and classes on this. Very easy, and you can use it on them, while you are sitting with them, instead of just petting them as it will retrain their brains, not to fight or flight but to calm down. (I have read this book and used it int he past - will give it another try. It is a very simple technique to calm animals by massaging small circles all over their bodies.)

I mainly use 200C remedies with my animals, one pill diluted in four ounces of water and I dose them one teaspoon as needed.

-Belladonna-Pupils are dilated, glassy-eyed look, anger, flies into a rage,they may have red, hot, ears, or eyes, and may tear up bedding or furniture, inflammation, restless, delirious, aggressive.

-Hyoscyamus-Hypersexual, animals that hump legs, or whatever they can, even if neutered, suspicion, jealousy.

-Lachesis-They hate anything around their neck especially collars, are jealous and suspicious but not as intense as Hyoscyamus, aggression comes from a perceived threat, think of a snake striking its prey, worse when sleeping, be cautious when dealing with them just waking up.

-Staphysagria-Females or males who spray, have aggression, resentment that another animal is brought into the house, any changes in their life that result in anger of the animal, anger, a must to use after any female has been spayed. Also good for decaying teeth where the tops are blackened and yes, it will reverse it. They also cower/shake/startle at loud voices or sudden moves, like if you go to pet them, from their memories of previous abuse. I helped a dog over come his abuse with this remedy, and he would not let anyone get within 10 feet of him. Now he is like a barnacle on my leg and plays again like a puppy.

-Nux Vomica-Chilly, thin, wants to be left alone, bossy, first in line for food and attention. Great for hairballs, constipation or diarrhea with lots of straining and detoxing.

-Stramonium-Post-rabies vaccination aggression, fear triggers the aggression, fear of the dark or bright lights.

-Merc Viv-They are worse from discipline, may bite and snarl when disciplined, tend to have mouth problems, do not like the extremes of hot nor cold.

-Phosphorus-Narrow-bodied, very vocal especially with food, vomits water or food within 30 minutes after eating, class clown, life of the party, burn out quickly, bleed easily. Fear of thunder and fireworks as well.

-Pulsatilla-Shy,sweet, affectionate, dogs that bark when you leave because they don't want to be left alone, prefers cool surfaces to lie on, eye discharges.

-Natrum Mur-Worse from consolation, they are fine when you pet them, and then they lash out, and sulk afterwards. Likes salt, worse from heat or sun, good for any animal that has been abandoned, separted from mom too early, or siblings too early. Works nicely in conjunction with Ignatia if needed.

-Ignatia-Good for any animal who has grief, sadness, loss of appetite from this, any animal that has been abused, neglected, abandoned, lost a loved one, etc.

-Sepia-Animals that are difficult to medicate, very chilly, sad, like to hide, and have dirty, waxy, itchy ears. I use the 30C daily here, until resolved.

Arsenicum Album-Poisoning, very thin animals, who have a fear of being left alone and worsen when left alone, solitude is a no-no because of their anxiety, obsessive cleaning of themselves, very chilly, thirsty, but drink little sips of water often, may or may not eat, and hangs head over food but does not eat, they are restless and change positions often, weakness, symptoms worse before midnight.

I use a spray bottle of water with Rescue Remedy in it to discipline my cats when they are out of line. It seems to set them straight and calm them. It gives them a stern warning without inflicting fear in them.

Ignore bad behavior when possible and reward, reward, reward good behavior.

Every group of animals has its dominators and non-dominators, it is how they survive in the wild. The goal is to make the best life possible where all these creatures can live in harmony.

I recommend the book written by a homeopathic DVM Homeopathic Care for Dogs and Cats by Don Hamilton. (
Great book - my bible for homeopathic treatment!)

Let me know if I can be of help to anyone with more info or suggestions!


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