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Saturday, June 12, 2010

TNR - It Saves Money!

How to handle feral cat colonies is a topic of controversial debate. Some groups advocate using archaic and cruel methods to kill them while the flip side offers to trap, neuter and release them back to the colony where they are fed, sheltered and cared for by volunteers.

According to an economic study commissioned by Best Friends Animal Society, trapping feral cats to kill them is not only inhumane but is a useless waste of tax dollars.

The study found that given the estimated 87 million homeless cats in the US, it would cost government agencies about $16 billion to trap and kill them as opposed to approximately $9 billion for supporting Trap, Neuter and Release programs run by rescue organizations and individual volunteers.

Tell this to any group trying to kill ferals rather than manage the colony - money talks! For more info on TNR contact Alley Cat Allies.

Information from Feline Wellness magazine.


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