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Monday, June 28, 2010

Pets Overheating - An Emergency!

With summer comes high temperatures and while uncommon, our pets can overheat just like us if they are tied in a spot outdoors with no shade or left in a hot car.

These situations should be avoided at all costs - our pets deserve humane treatment and should never be left outdoors without shade and water on hot days. Even with the windows open your car will quickly overheat causing their body temperature to rise resulting in brain damage or death.

The first sign of overheating will be panting, sometimes intensely. The mucus membranes and skin become deep red as the body shifts circulation to superficial areas to increase heat loss. Nausea, dizziness and weakness quickly ensue if the body temperature does not drop. High temperature can impair the regulating center in the brain causing greater danger - the skin may become cool and the animal is usually faint or may lose consciousness.

This is an emergency situation and veterinary action is needed immediately. Rapid cooling is necessary to avoid damage such as rinsing or emerging in cool water. Do not use ice water as this will worsen the situation causing shivering and constricting the surface blood vessels, both canceling out the body's cooling mechanism.

Simply by providing shade, water and cool temperatures for your pet you can avoid a very life threatening situation on hot summer days.


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