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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Acupressure for Lameness in Pets

 I use acupressure often for my cats.  It helps to relieve pain and boosts the immune system.  Here are some tips on doing this at home

Acupoints to use in helping to relieve hindquarter lameness, to strengthen the immune system and to reduce generalized pain

Acupressure Point Work Technique

• Begin point work on medium-sized dogs and large animals using the direct-thumb technique. Place the ball of your thumb on the acupoint at a 90-degree angle to the animal’s body. For small animals, place your middle finger on top of your index finger and hold the tip of your index at a 90-degree angle to the cat or dog’s body. Apply about one to two pounds of pressure, depending on the size of the animal. For small or delicate cats and dogs, use less than a pound of pressure. When you feel resistance, let up on the point slightly, then reapply pressure until you feel the resistance dissolving.

• Keep both hands on your animal. One hand does the point work while the other feels the reactions such as muscle spasms, twitches and other releases.The hand not performing the point work also soothes the animal and provides an energy connection.

• Point work is generally performed from front to rear and top to bottom.

• Breathe out while moving into the acupoint; breathe in when letting up on the point.

• Use partial body weight; this ensures a smoothness of motion and protects your thumbs and wrists from stress.

This article is from Animal Wellness Magazine.


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