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Friday, July 9, 2010

Alternative Cancer Treatment for Pets

Cancer seems to be on the up rise for our pets - both dogs and cats are getting cancer at younger ages. Some of this can be traced to over vaccination, other culprits are poor food, nutrition and environmental toxins.

After having two cats with intestinal cancer, I saw how ineffective western medicine was as far as treatment goes - chemo/radiation which didn't offer much quality of life. I chose to go the holistic route using mainly homeopathy.

My vet Dr Maggie Federhart began the treatment for Clarence, a lovely stray cat I took in. Dr Federhart has had success attaining remission with certain kinds of cancers. She felt I would be best served working with Dr Charles Loops. I worked extensively with Dr Loops and the tumor we initially found in Clarence's intestines was gone after months of homeopathic treatment. Clarence later passed of a heart condition he had all along.

One year later, I found my Nick had the same symptoms as Clarence and went back to Dr Loops - who works mainly through phone consultations. Nick went into a short remission and had a good quality of life. He lived several months past what western medicine may have given him but with a better quality of life without chemo.

Speaking from this experience, if your dog or cat has been diagnosed with cancer, find yourself a good holistic vet to work with - it can add years maybe to his life and give him and better quality of life. Check out the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association to look up a vet with good credentials that is located near you.

The book Why is Cancer Killing Our Pets? by Deborah Straw explains the different kinds of treatment and how to protect them from getting cancer.

Both the veterinarians I used do phone consultations to pet guardians. Dr Federhart, who trained with Dr Pitcairn, (Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health of Dogs and Cats) has a web site - Animals Naturally.

Dr Loops also trained with Dr Pitcairn but then went off on his own to develop a unique homeopathic treatment plan by treating and curing himself of chronic ailments. His web site is here. Dr Loops also treats other chronic conditions successfully - in fact he takes on many cases that other vets have given up on.

Another resource for holistic treatments is Shirley's Wellness Cafe online. My vet told me about this and it gave us some other alternatives to try with testimonials from other pet guardians.

I hope that with better quality food, less vaccinations and better overall health, my other cats live to an old age without getting cancer or any other chronic disease.


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