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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oliver Alert - A Tool For Finding Lost Pets

One of the other pet bloggers I follow wrote about a great web site for finding lost pets.  The story begins with a young couple who adopted a Brussels Griffon named Oliver and while they were away on vacation he got away from his sitters and they have been searching for him since.  Along the way they realized that even tho there are so many ways to look for lost pets no one place offered a complete list of every method  so their web site Oliver Alert was born.

It is a wonderful resource for anyone who has lost a cat or dog.  They give pointers on how to post online, making fliers, who to contact and even have a number of success stories on their site from people who used their ideas and found their pets. 

Unfortunately they have not yet found Oliver but in looking for him have created a thorough avenue for others to use in their search. Please do help them find Oliver and check out their site.

The missing Oliver.


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