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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Standar Process Nutritional Supplements

Great for FIV cats.
When my senior cat Chica was diagnosed 4 years ago with chronic renal failure, the first thing my vet put her on was Standard Process Feline Renal Support - she is doing well and is holding her own.  I still don't need to give her subcutaneous fluids yet.

The company Standard Process began in 1929 in Wisconsin, struggling to stay open during the Great Depression.  Founder Dr. Royal Lee dedicated his life to finding solutions for all sorts of challenges, but his greatest passion was improving the nation's health by providing high-quality, whole food supplements and educating others about them. He devoted the majority of his life to spreading the truth about nutrition. They grow all their plant products organically on local farms.  Quality is very important to them in their products.

While the company began by offering human supplements, they have expanded into veterinary supplements but either can be used on our pets.  Here is a testimony from another Standard Process Renal Support happy customer -

This product contains Standard Process's patented Protomorphogen (PMG) kidney extract, an extract derived from nucleoprotein-mineral molecules.

While this is decidedly a product in Standard Process's 'human' line, as a glandular extract it can also be used in animals. We have a cat diagnosed with early kidney failure and since starting to use this product and Standard Process Renafood 90 Tablets adjunctively with Standard Process Feline Renal Support we've seen her downgraded from early kidney failure to kidney impairment.

Having seen what it can do in cats, if (salt over shoulder) I should ever have problems with my own kidneys, I would use this and Renafood in a heartbeat. 

They offer 8 supplements for cats and 12 for dogs covering all health issues from heart, kidney, immune system and thyroid.  I also give the Feline Whole Body or Immune Support interchangeably to Ivy who has FIV.  Their products must be purchased through a veterinarian but I have found some places online that offer them.  I highly recommend any of their products for people and pets!

For more information about this product check out their website - Standard Process.


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