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Friday, October 10, 2008

Book Review: Cats: Homeopathic Remedies by George Macleod

This book is a must have and also comes in a dog version - Dogs:Homeopathic Remedies.
It explains this branch of natural medicine, how to prepare and administer the remedies. Sections cover descriptions of the remedies as well as what remedies work for different symptoms.
For readers who have little knowledge of homeopathic medicine, let me explain. This branch of medicine, using all natural remedies from the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms, treats like with like. It involves using tiny amounts of natural substances that may cause symptoms to treat symptoms.
I know this may sound like a lot of nonsense, but I have used them with my feral cats with great results! The trick is to get the right remedy. If you goof, nothing happens - that's it. No side effects or anything. Just try another remedy! This is a very harmless, inexpensive way to treat minor illnesses and some remedies even aid in treating more serious symptoms along with western medicine.
My only fault with this book is the terms may be a bit more medical than for the average lay person. Get yourself a medical dictionary of sorts and you will be fine.


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