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Friday, October 10, 2008

How to Grow Wheat Grass

Does your indoor dog nibble on grass when he is outdoors? Or does your indoor cat eat your house plants?
why not grow some wheat grass for them to graze on? This eating grass is part of a natural cleansing instinct so don't discourage it, just give them a healthy alternative.
Here's how to grow wheat grass.
Soak one to two tablespoons of wheat berries (available at natural food stores) overnight.
Drain the water.
Almost fill a plant pot or tray with potting soil and sprinkle seeds on top.
Cover with 1/4" of potting soil.
Water daily, just enough to keep the soil moist.
When the shoots are about 4" high, offer them to your pet to eat as is from the pot.
You can also trim the shoots with scissors and sprinkle small pieces in their food. Try growing barley, alfalfa or rye as alternatives.


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