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Friday, October 24, 2008

Cold Weather Tips

As our temperatures go down, be sure to take extra care of your pets.

Bring them indoors if possible, when the temps reach 32 degrees. Cats are safer if kept inside year round.

If your dog or cat spends anytime outdoors during cold weather he/she should have an elevated house, clean dry bedding and a flap to cover the door. Straw works best for bedding since it traps air in pockets and dries quickly when wet. Blankets will stay wet far longer.

Check the water bowl often and add fresh water when it freezes. You can buy electrically heated water bowls for this purpose.

After walking your dog or when your cat comes inside, wipe paws to remove, snow, ice and especially deicing agents.

Keep your pets away from antifreeze; it is poison. For safety, buy the non toxic kind available at most stores now.

Before starting your car, bang on the hood to scare away any animal sleeping there - cats like to curl up on the hot engine parts. They can get seriously mangled when the engine is turned on.

These simple tips can keep your pets and your neighbor's healthy and safe in the coldest weather.


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