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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Book Review: Pets Tell the Truth by Agnes Julia Thomas, Ph.D.

I have read many books by animal communicators and have even hired one to help me with my cat behavior problems but this book was by far the most helpful in terms of explaining the process of animal communication and giving us all a glimpse of how pets think and where they go when they die.

Dr. Agnes has a Doctorate in physiological psychology and worked as a counselor for brain damaged children and adults. She also has 25 years of experience working non invasively with lab animals to research the brain and developing a respiratory control system. She is nationally recognized for her research. All this is information on her background is for the skeptics out there who don't believe in animal telepathy. This woman is a scientist and educator.

Dr. Agnes has been communicating with animals since 1992. When she lost her own cat Missy to cancer after losing her husband a few months before, she was devastated enough to contact an animal communicator herself to have some closure concerning another cat Frosty who also had cancer and was dying. This opened a door to another world for her and this book lets us peek into it.

After using communicators several times, Dr. Agnes decided to learn to to this herself and has helped many other people with their animals and to learn animal communication themselves. I found this book to be more scientific and yet more metaphysical than any other I've read about the subject.

She explains how to learn telepathic communication, compares the human mind with the animal mind, and teaches us the mysticism and spirituality of animals, discovering the real science of metaphysics along the way. Finally she explores animals and the afterlife.

I picked up this book after I lost a dear young cat to urinary blockage. It gave me much needed comfort about where my Manny was now and how animals are connected to us still, even after death.

If you are still not sure what animal communication is about, read this book and you will have a wonderful sense of how and why we are connected to our pets and about the power of love.

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