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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Natural Antibiotics Instead of Drugs

There are times when the health issue of your pet is so severe that you must use an antibiotic drug. But there are side effects to them:
Allergic reaction
Bacterial resistance
Dry eyes
Immune-mediated anemia and platelet problems
Immune-mediated joint inflammation
Yeast infections

Some of these side effect will subside or can be diminished by taking the antibiotics with food, and taking probiotics during the course of the antibiotic treatment.

Herbal Antibiotics
For illnesses that are not acute, try taking any of the following herbal antibiotic substitutes:
Echinacea (not for long time use)
Gotu Gola
Licorice (not for long time use)
Milk Thistle
Olive leaf
Red clover
St. John's Wort
Yellow Dock

For skin problems requiring topical antibiotics, try:
Aloe Vera
Antibacterial shampoos
Colloidal silver
Herbal rinses with chamomile and goldenseal
Olive leaf

Dosages: I use the rule of thumb my vet told me --- to give 1/8 or 1/4 of what a human dose is, depending on the size of your pet.

I am not a vet and have no medical training.  Please take your pet to a vet for any serious injuries and conditions.  And it goes without saying...always talk with your vet before giving herbs if your animal takes other medications. Herbs can react with other drugs.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Good advice. I always prefer to use herbs or something more natural whenever possible.

Sandy said...

What topical natural treatment can I use on the wounds on the rump of a young cat to prevent infection or cure one?

catsndogsnaturally said...

For Sandy - I use chamomile tea as a topical antibiotic on my cats. Make a strong tea and let it cool. Then dip a cotton ball or gauze in the tea, soaking it and apply it to the skin. You can also put a bit of the tea in their food. It is anitseptic, antibacterial and helps clear infections. Good luck.

Hen said...

Thank you so much for the information on this site it was very helpfull in healing my young cat.

catmom said...

Need help with giving strong smelling herbs to my cat. I have tried tuna water,flaxseed oil,cod liver oil,canned food, to no avail. Herbs prescribed by my vet but He doesn't have any suggestions. My baby needs the herbs for a medical condition & any help would be appreciated

Luana said...

I have two Chihuahua pups that were born on oct. 18th, their eyes began opening, but on one of them, one of the eyes is slightly puffy and won't open. I was told by someone that the mothers breast milk is the best antibiotic, but I don't know how to extract it to use on the pups eye. I was wondering if there was another home remedy I could use on it. Your suggestion would be very much appreciated. Thank You!!!!

Cheri said...


Either eyebright or celandine herb can be used for eye inflammation. Add a half of teaspoon of sea salt to a pint of eyebright or celandine infusion for an eye drop solution.

Good luck!

Cats and Dogs Naturally

Cindy said...

Luana, The mother's milk is an excellent immune boost to the pups, but topically does not make for a good antibiotic - in fact it could introduce bacteria to the area you don't want.

Hope the pup is doing well!


Anonymous said...

My cat seems to be prone to bladder infections (male cat). I have taken him to the vet in the past & spent a fortune for antibiotics. I am currently giving him "improved bladder" food & that seems to help but a year later & he has another infection. He drinks a ton of water so I know he's trying to clear it himself. Any suggestions on what I can give him naturally to help?

Cats and Dogs Naturally said...


My male cat had bladder issues and was put on special food - I asked the vet what was int he special food that was so helpful. She told me it was the amino acid L-methionine. You can get this at a health food store. It keeps the bladder from getting too alkaline which causes infections. The grains in dry food and some canned foods can cause alkaline urine. Go grain free if you can. I give my male cat 5 mil - a tiny bit of L-methionine daily on his food and a year later no more problems. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the advice. I will head out to a health food store this weekend (I have been needing to go anyway) & get some of that L-methionine.
Again, thank you!

Anonymous said...

My 16yr old baby cat Anna had a tumor removed out of her mouth well over a yr ago..since then it had grown back and out the side of her face, they gave me antibiotics and anti-inflams and pretty much sent me home :( I did that for a few months with no improvement ...decided to take her off the Prednisone..started giving her silver sol, senior sups, aloe vera, maitake d-fraction, greens, etc. She eats a mixture of raw diet canned naturals and kibble..I feel like im doing everything possible..but her face stays infected (smelly) and wont heal.. it seems to be extending almost 2in around and ulcerating.. any suggestions would be appreciated greatly! :( should I put her back on antibiotics.. I feel overwhelmed and all 3 vets were no help...God Bless ~ Cheryl in Texas :)

Cats and Dogs Naturally said...

Cheryl in TX - The first thing that came to mind is an enzyme called serrapeptase. Google it and the info will come up. I use it as an anti inflammatory for my chronic sinustisis. Pets can use it too. I buy the brand Complementary Prescription since it is in powder form and can be dissolved in water to make it easier to give. Another option is a site called with all natural herbal products to treat pets. I have used a homeopathic vet who does phone consults on serious cases - who may be able to help - his site also lists a page of pros and cons of all the natural treatments out there for tumors. Good luck!

Michelle said...

Hi, any advice on what I can do for my 14 year old dog who is going mad cos of flea allergies. We are trying really hard to get rid of the fleas, but unfortunately there are many cats in the area which are making it difficult.
We need something to sooth her itchy skin, and another trip to the vet is out of the question.
Many thanks Michelle

Cats and Dogs Naturally said...


I battle fleas constantly too and have several cats who are severely allergic. The best I can tell you is vacum daily, use diatometious earth (DE) in the carpets and yard as a natural flea killer. You can give Capstar to your dog a few times a week safely to get over the worst. For the dog's skin give fish oil in her food to help with inflammation. I use Advantage for flea treatment religiously every 3 weeks per my vet's instructions. Do not use other flea products more often than what the instructions say. I wish there was a perfect answer but there is not. Good luck!

janette O'Brien said...

wonder if you could help me?
I have a 3 year old tom cat who keeps getting into fights!
he recently had a fight and has small lump/absess on his underbelly?

we have had antibiotics from the vet but i would rather take the holistic approach as I do with myself?
Could you please advise which would be best for him?
he is administered Bachs flower remedies daily to balance his personality as the fighting has become a regular event and becoming more violent.
thank you

Cats and Dogs Naturally said...

Janette - My first question: is your cat neutered? If not then this will cut back on the fights considerably. He is defending his territory naturally and only neutering will stop this. If he is neutered, he may be getting attacked by another cat possibly an unneutered one. I had this problem with my Joey and ended up bringing him indoors to live.

For the abscess - I give my cats the homeopathic remedy Silica by Boiron, found in health food stores. Use 30c and give daily until the abscess opens and drains, making sure it is kept clean.

For the aggressiveness, I need to know more info about this before I give some suggestions. If you give him a calming remedy, it may cause him to get severely injured if he is being attacked by another cat. His reflexes will not be as fast and he will suffer at the hands of his opponent.

Keep me posted.

GermanShepherdHelp said...

Could you please tell me what I can use for ear infection? I had this problem with my dog before and the vet gave me a ridiculous drug that cost a lot and never really helped my dog. I also tried polysporin but that didn't work either.
I'd like to try a natural helpful drug that I can hopefully give him orally because he shakes it out of his ears.
He is a 13 yrs old German Shepherd so please advise me on dosage as well!
I appreciate the help very much!

Cats and Dogs Naturally said...


Chronic ear infections that are bacterial or fungal are signs of a reduced immune system or may come from food allergies. I use vitamin E capsules - I use a pin to break a hole and squeeze the oil onto a Q-tip and see if you can get it in his ear or just squeeze the capsule in his ear. Do this once or twice daily. Giving him vitamin A and E in his food daily will help heal the infection and strengthen his immune system. Give him a quarter of what the human dose is. If the bottle says for humans to take 1 capsule, then give your dog 1/4 of the capsule orally. Good luck!

GermanShepardhelp said...

Thank you very much for your advice. I will try this right away!

Suzie said...


I have a twelve year old male kitty who has a toothache. he lost a fang a while back, and now I think it's bothering him. He is still able to eat and drink. I would love to be able to find a natural way of helping him with the pain and antibiotics in case he has an infection. I will take him to the vet next week, but before then is not possible. Thank you for all you help and suggestins.

Anonymous said...

Hi! My mini dachshund has what I believe to be staff infection. I have been using a oatmeal shampooing and pigment. It helps but more sores keep showing up. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Cats and Dogs Naturally said...

Anonymous with the mini dachshund - according to Diane Stein's Natural Remedy Book for Dogs and Cats, staph infections are from systemic toxicity and lowered immune function. Try making a tea of the herbs echinacea and goldenseal and then wetting a clean cloth with the tea, applying it several times a day to the inflamed skin. You can also use comfrey or slippery elm as a tea/compress. Horsetail grass herb taken internally is good for reducing the inflammation. Long term feed your dog high quality food without wheat or corn and give him vitamins for dogs to help boost his immune system. Hope this helps.

Cats and Dogs Naturally said...


I use the homeopathic remedy Mercurius Solubilis 30c - one pellet dissolved in water three times a day until symptoms disappear. You can find this at health food stores. Herbal antibiotics are harder to get int he cat but if you can do it try cat's claw or echinacea - do take the cat to the vet ASAP.

Anonymous said...

I have a 60 pound, 10 month old boxer dog. He was bitten by another dog on the cheek and near his eye. He does not appear to have visible puncture wounds but over the last few days his cheek has continued swell up. Is there anything I could apply or give him orally to help fight an infection if there is one? Thank you much! :)

Cats and Dogs Naturally said...

Anonymous with the bitten boxer - with the bite so close to the eye, please take him to a vet if there is swelling and inflammation. It could affect his vision.

It sounds like the wound had formed an abscess under the skin. For the abscess - I give my cats the homeopathic remedy Silica by Boiron, found in health food stores. Use 30c and give daily until the abscess opens and drains, making sure it is kept clean.

You can use olive leaf or goldenseal for infection - make a tea and use topically as a compress and give capsules orally - using 1/4 of the human dose. Olive leaf can be given for long periods of time but do not go past one week of goldenseal.

Please go to a vet if it looks like the eye is in danger.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your response! So our boxer's eye did get worse and swelled up a lot more. We took him in to see the vet and it was infected. They had to prescribe him antibiotics.. But they helped with the infection and swelling. The vet did say an abscess was starting to form as you mentioned. But she said with the infection being fought off that it would help the abscess subside. So far it has slowly gone down. But we've been keeping an eye on him these couple of weeks, so far he looks ok. Thanks a bunch for the advise!
-Dante's mama ;)

Anonymous said...

A week after treating my cat with a topical flea treatment she developed a cyst like lump between her shoulder blades which grew larger in a weeks time. I read on the internet about some bad reactions about this certain product and decided to wash her this morning, afterwards she started scratching that spot and opened it up, there was a lot of puss and some bleeding. She is acting normal now, eating, drinking and purring. What can I give her and what should I apply to the small hole she scratched in it so that it doesn't become infected. I think that I have gotten all of the puss out. Thank you for any help!

Cats and Dogs Naturally said...

Anonymous with cat with cyst - I would have that checked out by a vet ASAP! It may or may not have anything to do with the flea product but to make sure...

Anonymous said...

I have a 8 week old lab puppy who got attacked by a mastiff about two days ago he bit her on face and she has nice sized hole on her cheek. Ive been keeping an eye on it and trying to keep it as clean as I can and I no it's infected I would take her to the vet but money's tight is there anything I can give her to atleast help her fight the infection until I can get to a vet. (the wound is in the middle of her cheek should I be worried about her eyes?)

Cats and Dogs Naturally said...

Anonymous with the puppy attacked by a mastif - please take your dog to a vet. I state in this article that these treatments ARE NOT for acute conditions! With a serious injury like a bite to the face, you should be worried about infection and damage to the eye if it spreads. Some vets offer payment plans. I repeat - please find a vet who will work with you on this. I hope things work out for your puppy.

Anonymous said...

I feel compelled to report the incident but from my experience nothing will happen her dog attacked mine can anything be done

Cats and Dogs Naturally said...

Anonymous with puppy - do report this dog attack. Authorities take these seriously. It could have been a child as well as an animal. I would contact both animal control and the police in your town and report this. The mastiff owner would then be responsible for your vet bills. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

My dog was diagnosed w a degenerative bone disease in his feet. This means that his toenails break inside the toe and get infected...the vet has been removing the toes but they still get infected after amputation. I'd like to treat naturally...what is the best option for a topical and what's beat for internal? We feed him Wellness Core Ocean formula for the added omega 3's...any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


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