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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Write your NC Representatives to Support Humane Euthanasia

This article is from the North Carolina Coalition for Humane Euthanasia website (

Davie's Law/ Humane Euthanasia in Shelters (House Bill #6) was filed Wednesday, January 28 in the North Carolina General Assembly by Representative Cary Allred. The bill is named for a puppy who survived a North Carolina gas chamber, later to be found in alive a plastic bag in a dumpster by a citizen taking out her trash. Many shelters still use the CO gas chamber and other cruel and inhumane methods to end the lives of lost and abandoned animals. If Davie's Law passes, it would ensure that no animal would ever again be subjected to this treatment in a North Carolina shelter.

The bill is endorsed by the American Humane Association, Animal Law Coalition, In Defense of Animals, Born Free USA, and many veterinarians and animal welfare organizations. It would require humane euthanasia by injection of sodium pentobarbital, or an alternate oral version of the drug, for all animals euthanized in the custody of shelters. Sixty-five animal shelters in North Carolina euthanize primarily by injection, and fifty-nine of those report using this method exclusively. Employees in those shelters have been trained to safely deal with wildlife and aggressive animals. Still, thirty-two county and city shelters kill animals in gas chambers made of cinderblock, metal, and even wood.

House Bill #6 can be found at this link Other primary sponsors include Representatives Rick Glazier, Ty Harrell, and Pat McElraft.

Please call and email your state legislators and ask them to support "Davie's Law," House Bill number 6. Find out who represents you in the North Carolina General Assembly at this link Personal visits, calls, written letters, and emails are best, but a form letter is also available at the NCCHE website. Please take time to let your legislators know how you feel in your own words.

Contact to join our mailing list, or to attend a hometown meeting with your legislators.

Our tax dollars are paying for this cruel form of euthanasia. Tell the government that we want this to change!


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