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Friday, September 19, 2008

Book Review: Animal Talk , Interspecies Telepathic Communication by Penelope Smith

This is a short book and an easy read. The author Smith has been communicating with animals throughout her life. Educated in social sciences and trained in human counselling, Smith has found a way to offer her expertise to animals too. She explains how animals communicate telepathically and then offers suggestions for humans to learn to do this too. I have had some success at this so I know it can be done. I can get my cats to do what I want but don't seem to be open enough to hear them communicating back to me. Probably my fault, not theirs.

Smith also includes some behavior problems and suggestions to try. If you have not read anything about animal communication this would be a good first book to get. Explanations are simple and straightforward. In the back of the book are other books and tapes on similar topics by the author.


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