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Friday, September 26, 2008

Pets with Travel Sickness

When I used to take my first dog Bunny for rides in the car, she would invariably vomit all over me, the front seat and whoever was riding with us. This was a real problem as she loved riding in cars other than that. She eventually outgrew this issue but now I know what to do to help in cases like this.

Homeopathic remedies treat motion sickness excellently. It is best to pour five or six pellets of each remedy that you wish to use into a dropper bottle of water and shake until dissolved. The main remedy is Cocculus. either 12c or 30 c potency, giving one or two doses before the journey. Add Ipecac 30c if vomiting is a usual symptom. If the pet is fearful and then gets sick, try Aconite 30c - giving one dropper full an hour before leaving and another just before you leave.

Bach Flower Essences are also helpful. Choose your remedies and add two to four drops of each remedy to a dropper bottle of water. To calm your pet, give Rescue Remedy - two drops before the travel day in his water and then continue to give it while traveling. Scleranthus is specifically for motion sickness. You can give it alone or mix with Aspen, Elm and Vervain and give two drops every two hours.

Certain vitamins also relieve the stress associated with traveling. Starting about one week before the trip, add a complete B-complex tablet (crush human tablet and give about 1/4 of the tablet) and or nutritional yeast to his food. Also give one or two grams of vitamin C (again crush human tablets or open capsules and pour out powder) spacing out throughout the day in food. Ester C is less acid and more digestible.

A little preventative effort on your part can go a long way to making the trip better for you and your pets.


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