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Monday, September 15, 2008

Losing a pet

A friend just called crying hysterically. Her beloved Maine Coon cat had been missing for a few days. It was not like him to do that. She searched all over and found his remains in a field near her house. Something, probably a coyote, had eaten most of the body but she recognized the paws left as his. She is beside herself with grief. What a horrible way to find out a pet has died. In her grief she put away all of his favorite toys, dishes and rugs, not being able to bear the sight of them.

I consoled her - I have been through this many times myself. Time will heal the hurt. I told her to let the feelings out and rest. In a few days, things will be a little better and she will hurt a little less.

It is never easy to lose a pet - it is just like losing a loved one. But people don't always understand an animal lover's deep feelings of loss. She knew I would understand and that is why she called me to talk.

Pets too have feelings of grief and loss after a fellow animal has passed or moved away. Her orange tabby sits in the yard and stares out at the woods behind the house as if looking for her cat buddy. It breaks her heart to see him this way.

There are natural ways to relieve grief for both people and pets. Calm yourself and pets with chamomile tea. A few drops on pet food or in milk (for cats use Catsip, a lactose free milk) for a few days will help them adjust.

Spend lots of quality time with your other pets and give them extra loving attention. This is good therapy for both of you. Play with your pet - it takes their mind off the sadness and energizes them physically. Talk to your pets and explain what has happened - they understand more than you know.

The homeopathic remedy Ignatia Amara is the classic remedy for grief - use a low dose of 6c or 12c a couple of times a day either in food or in liquid. I dissolve1-2 pellets in water first and pour the liquid over food or in milk. For people take 3-5 pellets three times each day until you feel better.

Star of Bethlehem flower essence helps with sorrow. Honeysuckle also helps with nostalgia and sadness. Walnut assists in adapting to change. You can use any one essence or combine up to six of them, diluting six to eight drops of each essence in an ounce of spring water.

Pink gemstones, specifically rose quartz are traditional for healing grief. Place the stone in the pet's environment, clearing it frequently by running it under clear water. Make sure it if is a small stone not to put it where the pet can swallow it - this goes for dogs especially.

Add vitamin C to their diets - sprinkle Ester C, a less acidic form of C, on their food. Take more C for yourself too. Your immune system and theirs is compromised with the stress of loss. This will keep them and you healthy until you get through this sad time.

Be grateful for the time you had with your pet. Have faithl that the Universe will bring more love into your life in the future.


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