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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Book Review: 50 Games to Play with Your Cat by Jackie Strachan

All of us cat lovers know this simple fact. Cats will play with the package/box/wrapper and leave the toy alone! How many of our cats love the rings from milk bottles, cardboard boxes and crinkled paper better than the expensive toys we buy for them?

This book explains how you can make toys for cats out of simple materials we have around the house. The Box of Balls for example is just a box with holes cut out and reinforced to let the cats play with the balls inside but not pull them out. Not rocket science but most of us would not normally think to make this. Instead we go to the store and buy "Bizzy Kitty" based on the same idea.

The book is divided up into categories of play activities and lounging accommodations. They give ideas for ball games, catnip toys, hide and seek games,kitty condos you can make and stalking games to play with our cats.

The book's suggestions relate well to our tough economy. Anyone with a new cat can make toys for him/her without spending a lot of money. Just buying food and litter can be more than enough to spend plus vet bills.

Check this book out. I found mine at a thrift shop for less than a dollar. You might too! Keep a look out for it.


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