This blog is for informational purposes only. Please consult with a veterinarian if your pet is ill.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pet First Aid Kit

Emergencies can happen without warming. Do you have the materials in one place to give first aid to your pet? Here is a simple list of what to include:

* Your Vet's phone number
* The phone number to the closest emergency 24-hour clinic
* A first aid manual for pets
* Muzzles the correct size for your pets
* Antibacterial soap
* Antibiotic ointment
* Bandaging materials - 2-inch stretchable and non stretchable gauze rolls and gauze pads in a variety of sizes
* Blunt tipped scissors
* Cotton balls
* Disposable rubber gloves
* Hydrogen peroxide (3%)
* Masking tape
* Needle-nose pliers
* Petroleum jelly
* Plastic needles syringe or turkey baster
* Rectal thermometer
* Saline solution
* Tweezers


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