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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to Find a Holistic Veterinarian

When I moved to a different part of my state I needed to find another vet I could trust like my old one Dr. Maggie Federhart at Whispering Waters Animal Clinic in Boone and I wanted a holistic vet like her too.

There are not as many out there as you would think. I checked with the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association ( Their web site has a section to click on to find a holistic vet near you. I also asked my vet if she knew anyone in our area. She did but they were no longer operating. I looked in the local phone book for ads about holistic vets. My new vet had an ad stating she was holistic. Finally I talked to local people who had pets, about who they went to..people at health food stores, pet stores, natural food stores etc.

The reason I prefer holistic vets to conventional ones is because they are more interested in healing pets than treating diseases. They don't just focus on the problem at hand but look at what would bring total wellness to the animal. The goal of holistic pet care is to prevent disease rather than just treat it. They use many types of alternative treatments - acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, herbs, Chinese medicine and nutrition.

By using all of the above methods, I did find a great holistic vet locally to bring my pets to for health care. I use Dr. Heather Sinclair of Haw Creek Animal Hospital in Asheville. But I keep in contact with my old vet through phone consultations. After all Maggie knows all my pets from treating them through the years. Most holistic vets will offer phone consults for those who live a distance away as long as you have a vet nearby to run tests and physically examine the pet.

I have had a holistic vet for my animals now for 10 years and would not have it any other way. I even use holistic doctors for my husband and I!


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