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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Book Review: Blessing the Bridge, What Animals Teach Us About Death, Dying and Beyond by Rita M. Reynolds

This is a hard book to read. I had to stop often to wipe away the tears after reading a story about the author's animal charges. In spite of this I found it to be a very spiritual book full of suggestions to help us and our animal friends make that final passing to the other side.

Reynolds created an animal sanctuary called Howling Success and ran it for 25 years, tending to her animals with kindness, love and compassion. She worked often as a hospice caretaker with the animals and this book is a compilation of her methods, stories and lessons learned. She writes about euthanasia, prayer and how to make the final passage a peaceful one for both of you.

The foreword is written by Rev. Gary Kowalski, the author of The Souls of Animals and Goodbye Friend. He compares Reynolds to Mother Theresa in her work with her animals.

I have used this book often to help release the souls of my animals - the prayers, chants and tools she suggests do help make the moment of death a quiet, peaceful one. She helps us see that it can be a moment of beauty and of love.


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