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Friday, November 7, 2008

Flower Essences for Behavior Issues

Whether you use Bach Flower Remedies or other brands, this is a good way to help behavior problems in pets.

Made from essential and greatly diluted oils of wild plants, trees and bushes, the essences are known as vibrational therapy, meaning that they help return the body's emotional energy fields to a proper balance.

Flower essence are harmless and using the wrong one won't cause problems. They work quickly and you should see results in a few days. You can use one at a time or up to five at once. They can also be used along with herbs or homeopathic remedies.

I make up bottles to treat specific ailments or behavior issues. Using a small brown bottle with a dropper, fill with pure spring water. Add two to four drops of the essence or essences you wish to use. This will keep refrigerated for a week or so. If you notice the water getting slimy, dump out and make a new one.

To be effective they must be given at least four times each day for five days or more. I put the essence on their food, in the water and in milk if needed.

Essences can be expensive so here is a list of some of the common ones I use and keep on hand.

Aspen for fear of the unknown.

Beech for intolerance.

Centaury for excessive submission.

Crab Apple for cleansing after illness, accident or surgery.
Larch for lack of confidence.

Mimulus for fear of the known.

Rescue Remedy for mental or physical trauma - best used in emergencies.

Rock Rose for terror - it is included in the Rescue Remedy formula.

Scleranthus for car sickness.

Star of Bethlehem for grief or abused animals that have suffered.

Vervain for over enthusiasm.

Vine for dominance or aggression.

Water Violet for aloofness - great for ferals trying to adjust to new situation.

Willow for resentment.


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