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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pet Acne

If your pet has pimples, blackheads or crusty sores on their chin or lower lip then they may have acne. People are not the only ones to get this. Dogs often get it during their teenage years from ages 3-4 while for cats it can be a lifelong problem. Orange tabby cats are prone to this issue.

You don't need harsh chemicals or medications to treat acne. In most cases you can control the problem with a few gentle and natural home remedies.

Acne occurs when bacteria gets trapped under the skin. The herb calendula (Calendula officinalis) available as a tea or tincture will soothe the skin and stop the infection. Soak a gauze pad or cotton ball in diluted tincture or full strength tea, squeeze out the excess and apply to sore spot for about five minutes. Do this daily until the sore heals.

A simple warm water compress will open locked pores and flush out the infection. Hold a warm cloth on the sore until the cloth cools. Do this daily until the acne heals.

If the pet's acne is hot red and swollen, give the homeopathic remedy Apis mellifica. For sores oozing a sticky yellow substance, Graphites is the remedy. Use Hepa Sulphura Calcareum if the spot is infected and oozing a foul smelling pus. For itchiness and thickened stiff, bumpy skin, give Rhus toxicodendrun.

The flower essence crab apple helps heal infections. Give them four drops four times a day. Put it in their water or dribble it into their mouth.

Some cats are allergic to plastic and will break out in acne when their faces touch their food bowls. it is a good idea to use stainless steel, ceramic or glass for their water and food dishes. Cheap stainless steel may contain toxic heavy metals so buy the better brands and buy American.

Homeopathic vets believe that acne develops from an underlying chronic illness. Have your pet checked if they get acne often or if it won't go away with home treatment.


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