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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why Cats Crave Warmth

We all know cats crave warmth. Summer often finds cats asleep in even a sliver of sunlight coming through your window. As the weather cools, most will curl up next to or on a heat source to sleep.

Even the youngest kittens instinctively seek heat. Before a kitten was even able to open his eyes, he was able to use the temperature receptors in his face to find his mother. As the kitten ages, these receptors become even more sensitive. This allows him to detect the cozy and warm spots in your home even if they are only warmer than the rest of the house by a few degrees. That is why you may find cat tucked away in the most obscure spots - it is usually a bit warmer in that spot. One of my cats sleeps in the entertainment center next to the DVD player!

Especially during the cooler weather , a warm place to sleep is vital to your cat's health and comfort. So make sure they have snug places around your house with a heat source nearby of better yet get them a safe natural warm thermal cat bed.


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