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Monday, December 1, 2008

Cat Breeds: Siamese

My uncle always had Siamese cats and they had such outgoing personalities. He really enjoyed this breed of cat.

They need regular brushing but can be indoor or outdoor cats. They do need more space than some other cats. Plus they tend to be long lived cats.

Siamese are very active, inquisitive cats that bond strongly to one person. They enjoy travel and accept a leash quite readily. They are very vocal cats and can be talkers.

Some Siamese can be aggressive towards other cats. They can be jealous and unpredictable and very sensitive.

They are more susceptible to disease than other breeds. Congenitally they can have nasal obstructions, chin malformations, cleft palate, retinal degeneration and weak legs.

There are many rescue organizations that offer Siamese cats for adoption. Find a reputable breeder or help a needy cat find a home through rescue centers.


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