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Monday, December 15, 2008

Rainy Day Work

The day is rainy but warm so I am trying to catch up on my feral cat shelter work. The screen porch has been enclosed in plastic to protect them from the weather but they miss being able to see out. During warm days, I can lift the front door and one side and tack it up on Velcro strips to let in fresh air and sun. I need something for those colder days when I don't want to expose them to the weather. I have a few windows from an old trailer that I am embedding in the plastic to provide views to the outside and still be protected.

It took a few tries to get it right but cutting a hole in the plastic and sliding the window inside, then taping it up to keep it from moving and leaking worked the best. I put in two glass windows still in metal frames and one piece of Plexiglas for a higher view. The glass ones I rested on the ground. The Plexiglas being so light I could set it up higher for the cats to see out from a shelf inside.

They seem to enjoy watching the chipmunks and birds at the feeders in front of the windows. The shelter is still a work in progress for the cats and me. More work for another day!


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