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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How to Trim Your Cats' Claws

Cat's claws should be examined and trimmed every two weeks or so. A groomer or vet can do this but most owners are capable of handling the task as well.

The following tips help make this a doable project for you and your cat.

Do the trimming when your cat is relaxed or sleepy. Waiting until they are makes this all the easier.

Have all the equipment at hand that you will need -- clippers, emery board, and styptic pencil.

Sit down and snuggle with you cat in your lap or have your cat stand or lie down on a table top. It helps to have someone to assist you in case the cat is difficult to handle. I have to wrap my cat Chica in a large towel with only her head and one paw sticking out. She still screams the whole time like I am hurtng her but I get the job done.

Hold up paw, grasp it gently, placing your index finger under the toe pad and your thumb securely on top of it.

Squeeze your thumb and index finger together to extend the claw.

Using the clipper cut halfway between the end of the claw and the quick - the pink, sensitive tissue at the base of the claw. If you accidentally cut into the quick, don't panic. It may bleed a little but if you apply the styptic the wound will soon heal.

Happy trimming!


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