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Monday, December 1, 2008

Vomiting Causes

Pets vomit for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes it is fairly obvious what caused it - eating garbage, anxiety, overeating. If your pet continues to vomit daily or several times a day, bring your pet to the vet ASAP! It could be serious. It is helpful for your vet to bring a sample of the vomit -- as gross as it may sound to do this.

The material in it is often the clearest indication of the cause. Material high in mucus tells you that the stomach or high intestine is inflamed. Undigested food can indicate food poisoning, anxiety or simply overeating. Bile is often present when an organ is involved - inflammatory bowel disease, kidney failure, pancreatitis. Flecks of bright blood tels your vet that the stomach may be lacerated. If the blood is brown and caramelized the problem is further down the intestine. Strong digestive odors indicate intestinal obstruction. Bits of foreign substances tell you that they may have eaten something like tinsel, paper etc.

If you suspect you pet may have eaten something they should not have please contact your nearest veterinary ER right away. Time is of essence in this situation.


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