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Monday, December 22, 2008


All dogs drool a little and some breeds drool a lot because the loose skin around their mouths traps saliva and overflows. Even cats will drool when they are feeling happy and affectionate.

Dogs that drool normally can wear a bandanna around their neck - it catches the moisture before it hits the floor and they look spiffy wearing one!

Any change in your pet's drooling indicates a possible health issue. Drooling increases when pets are nauseated or when they have something stuck in their teeth or gums or a loose tooth in their mouth. Serious conditions like liver disse can cause drooling.

Do a mouth check - pets with a piece of string or bone in their teeth will drool heavily. Make sure they don't have a foreign object stuck between their teeth. They will also drool if they have gum or tooth disease. My cat Sweetpea was drooling long ropes of bloody saliva when one of her teeth became loose but would not fall out. A trip to the vet is needed if this is the issue.

Nausea - traveling in a car will cause drooling. The motion upsets the pets stomach and causes them to drool. I use the homeopathic remedies Ipecacuanha or Cocculus for this. Look for 30C strength and give two or more drops up to two hours before traveling.


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