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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ivy is Sick - Please Send Purrs and Prayers

Little Ivy cat from "Dangerous Napping" photo is having lots of seizures. I am consulting with two vets to see what we can do to help her. She has had a rough life living outdoors with a feral group until I took her inside two years ago when the others had died or left. She adapted very well and likes to be loved.

Also both my hours and my husband's hours have been cut back to part time in our jobs which makes it hard to make ends meet financially! Please keep us and Ivy in your thoughts!

Thanks for your purrs and prayers. I spoke with one vet and we are trying herbs and homeopathic remedies. She thinks it is Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome which is not easy to treat. Ivy's itchy skin causes her nervous system to overreact. I have gotten her down to one seizure a day - usually it happens first thing in the morning. I held her on my lap last night for a few hours to Reiki her. It seems to help calm her. She spends most of her day sleeping in the cubby hole of the TV stand, only coming out to use the litter box. I have another vet appointment on Friday with a new but holistic vet. We just moved here so I don't have anyone but my old vet who is doing phone consults with us. Will keep all posted.


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