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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Olive Leaf for infections

When my pets need help to boost their immune systems whether it is because of skin ailments, colds or other infections I use olive leaf. My vet turned me on to this herb and I highly recommend it.

Olive leaf works by stimulating your pet’s own protective cells (phagocytes) to ingest foreign invaders. It interferes with microorganisms’ vital amino acid production processes. It has no impact on ”friendly” microbes.

Olive leaf is highly effective in eliminating microorganisms, which supports its use in almost any type of infection. It is extremely effective in treating 19 different viruses and 15 types of bacteria, including conjunctivitis, canine hepatitis, “kennel cough,” cystitis, Endocarditis, peritonitis, staph infections, and urinary tract infections. Note: With very sick animals, their symptoms may become worse - because Olive leaf works so well that it kills bad microbes faster than the body can eliminate them, so detoxification symptoms may occur. If that happens, reduce dosage or stop giving Olive leaf for a day or two to allow your pet’s waste system to catch up.

When used as a daily supplement, olive leaf will bolster your pets' immune system and metabolism, making them healthier happier, and more able to resist fleas safely, naturally, and without the use of potent neurotoxins found in over the counter flea products.

Thinking of getting the dog his yearly cortisone shot? Did you know that cortisone is a powerful steroid that has many bad effects on the body and overall health? Our pets, dogs in particular, use their skin to remove excess toxins from their system. Because of this, the yearly itching and scratching that accompanies spring allergens is much the same as seasonal colds in humans. The effect of the steroids is merely to push the issue out of sight by driving the toxins deeper into the body. Would you take a steroid shot to treat a cold yourself? Olive leaf can work wonders in easing these annoying symptoms without resorting to heavy handed methods that can manifest into larger problems down the road. Olive leaf dramatically increases the function of the immune system, as well as acting as a natural antibiotic to allow your pets to deal with allergies in a safe, natural and effective manner. No side effects, and no danger of damage to internal organs. Simply add Olive Leaf Powder to your pets' wet or dry food and say goodbye to annoying scratching!

Best for Pets: Try Olive Leaf Powder or open capsules to add the powder to their food. I also like to use olive leaf extract in a non alcohol base. Rule of thumb for dosing - give 1/8 to 1/4 of the human dosage, depending on the size of the dog or cat.


Jackson Henry said...

Thanks for sharing that article. Its so interesting! Urinary infections in cats

Anonymous said...

I have an English Bulldog. We have been struggling to keep her skin healthy. She has welps, shedding, reddness, itching, etc...I take her to the vet and she has been prescribed steroid shots, steroid pills, antibiotics. Not to mention the astronomical costs. I was at the end of the road when I tried Olive Leaf. I started giving her 250 mg with some table syrup and immediately started seeing the difference. (she weighs 65lbs) She has been taking olive leaf daily for about 1 month and I would venture to say, I think she is healed. No more reddness, no more itching, and her coat is thick and shiny! AMAZING! I am soooo greatful!

Anonymous said...

i asked my vet if dogs could take olive leaf & i was discouraged from any 'natural, herbal remedies' that havent been researched, proven as effective. they said they would 'check into it" & get back to me but of course they didnt check into it. glad i came across this post. i plan on giving a small amt to my small pet (13.5 lbs.) for a bacterial eye infection.


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